NO WONDER IT HAS TAKEN  Pierre Trudeau almost four years to bring this house back to life, for he began the project while still serving as prime minister in Ottawa, snatching the occasional weekend to camp in his new house- He refers apologetically to "the mess,” meaning the cartons of books and carefully labeled objects still to be unpacked and arranged -A leather box peeps from its packing paper; carved in gold upon us surface are the initials “EW’ on either side of the royal arms of Great Britain. Trudeau peers at a neat pile of rolled-up rugs in green canvas covers.”! think I might change the one in my bedroom,” he muses. There are no photographs of summit meetings or royal personages on the piano in the atelier. It is a piano to be used -by the Trudeau boys and, occasionally, by their father, when he can hrict time between his corstanc travels. Retirement is a mean ingless word in view of the former prime minister’s world position. Pierre Trudeau has changed little from the way Sondra Gotlieb remembers him at that Ottawa cocktail party twenty years ago He is indeed an uncommon man, a highly cultivated one, and nowhere is his pursuit of excellence and love of architecture more clearly demonstrated than in his devotion to the Art Deco house that sails. multilayered, above Montreal.


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