THE FLOOR IS A MASTERPEICE  of Art Deco workmanship, with wide interlacing copper circles filled with gleaming multicolored terrazzo. "Cormier walked around with a cane, standing above the workmen, sometimes getting on the floor himself to put in pieces of marble Trudeau notes. He was a painter, too. Did you notice that this table revolves?” The large, marble-topped ebony octagon, mounted on rollers, stands directly under the great north window. and Cormier would place a model on it whose pose he could study easily train different angles. While the furniture in The principal rooms looks as if it came straight from that apogee of Art Deco the Paris Exposition of 1923 -and indeed a number of the pieces did -it is Cormier’s Canadian-designed cabinetwork of which Trudeau is most proud. He also takes great pride in the contemporary craftsmen who helped him restore the battered tables and chairs, with their intricate Inlays of precious woods, and the tall marble columns laced with narrow copper bands. To recreate the sumptuous Art Deco fabrics, a designer friend, Louise Beveridge, oversaw the weaving of the pale, geometrically patterned, docked silk velvet that covers the upholstered pieces.


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