THE HOME'S MODEST REINFORCED CONCRETE  façade and low-ceilinged, narrow entrance hall give little hint of the staggering proportions of the great atelier on the main floor It took me a couple of years to get this room in order, Trudeau says of Cormier’s studio, which soars thirty-three feet to a coffered ceiling. Thirty-five feet long and thirty feet wide, it is flooded with light from two huge windows. To the north, Mont-Royal rises dramatically; to the south, all Montreal is spread below, with the gleaming St. Lawrence River in the distance. At night soft, indirect lighting is diffused from within the recesses of the ceiling. On one side of the vast room is a heavy mantelpiece of dark Belgian marble, purposefully restrained. Trudeau has crowned it with a small Innuit sculpture, also of dark marble Do you think it looks all right there? he asks. Maybe it would be better without it, He is full of the pleasant uncertainties to which any new owner is subject.


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