THERE IS NO END TO THE LIST OF DECORATIVE ARTS , furniture, jewelry, bookbinding, ceramics and so on, that flourished then, nor of the extravagant materials that went into the designs of that time. But it was too luxurious to last. The Great Depression killed Art Deco in its native home, Paris, and fashions changed. Even if they could have afforded them, people no longer wanted the furniture made by Ruhlmann and his fellow decorators of rich macassar ebony inlaid with ivory; of figured walnut and marble with bronze handles that were cunningly molded into the shapes of tassels. Nowadays museums and private collectors seek out good pieces of Art Deco, but there are relatively few houses in the world besides this one that endure as intact examples of the style. Here Cormierís furniture remains in the rooms he designed so lovingly in 1930, and Trudeau has added objects from his motherís house, which was built in the same year.


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