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An inevitable ruin of links, fresh (again) in September 2003:

Old Mill

architects of the addition

viablity of authentic historic hotels

restoration of old mills

grist mill operation


Attorney General's Judicial Inquiry and findings
Part One
Part Two

class action settlement info

Toronto Star report

environment and agriculture in conflict

humans and agriculture in conflict


Guildwood Park, site of large chunks saved from demolished buildings, situated as follies in a park.
-  Guild Inn, Toronto Star, April 15 2002
-  Guild Inn, Toronto Star, April 16 2002

Toronto Region Conservation Authority
- TRCA has purview over building permits on Humber River.
- TRCA runs ersatz field trip magnet.
- comprehensive history of neighbouring Rouge River.
- Rouge River Valley in peril.


Niagara-on-the-Lake: loved to death.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, National Post, Feb. 5 2002

Toronto Waterfront Regeneration Trust

Family Compact (1800s)

Apache Burger

Concourse Building

relics, follies, & fetishes
ruins as follies; industrial archeology... etc.

ruins as forbidden experience
- "urban explorers" webring

ruins as still life
- German factories
- Finnish sawmills
- European mines/factories

ruins as canvas

San Fransisco's Sutro baths


Buffalo grain silos

Huletts - Cleveland, Ohio

Big Muskie - Cumberland, Ohio

Society for Industrial Archeology

Society for the History of Technology

Society for Commercial Archeology (USA)

ruins as tissue of a city, ruins as mutation

"real" picturesque folly
- Parc de la Villette

"fake" picturesque folly
- Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

ruins as fantasy
- Piranesi
- Piranesi timeline
- Propylaia
- Pompei

ruins as ghost civilization
- Machu Picchu, Peru
- Tikal, Guatemala
- San Agustin, Columbia
- Ingapirca, Ecuador
- Djemila, Algeria
- Sabrata, Libya
- Butrint, Albania
- Khami, Zimbabwe
- Borobudar, Indonesia
- Prambanan, Indonesia
- Angkor, Cambodia

waterfront & brownfield data (in pdfs)

archeology vs. epigraphy

rural heritage preservation

German megaliths

review of Jackson on ruins

ownership of relics

regarding Roman ruins during the Renaissance

New World as Eden

ruins as architectural template


McMichael Gallery Toronto, curatorial philosophy

Mendelsohn's Petersdorff Dept. Store

Sverre Fehn

Carlo Scarpa

Broch and kitsch

fake artifacts: a critique

change and progress

Edmund Burke

John Ruskin

Conservatism as positive force

Leisure time as negative force

Postmodernism under-utilizes the human soul (Knippenberg)

Civil Society as front for multi-national capitalism (Rieff)

Interesting digest of Civil Society myths (Carothers)

Adam Smith
- the "service industry" considered parasitical.
- "Economics: A Branch of Moral Philosophy" (Read).

Aquinas via Aristotle

what is "longterm"?

essay on progress

Kunstler on Saratoga Springs Grand Union Hotel

omni home