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Craig Bromell - President of the Toronto Police Association, the police union.

EHS - Etobicoke Historical Society

EHB - Etobicoke Historical Board

Family Compact - The Anglophilic upper crust of Upper Canada society who faithly recreated, to their benefit, as many details of the British class system as were possible in a pioneer and then a more domestic provincial context. Late 18th to mid 19th centuries.

GTA - Greater Toronto Area

HCD - Heritage Conservation District

JSAH - Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians

LACAC - Local Architecture Conservatrion Advisory Committee

McMichael - establishment Toronto art patrons with eponymous public gallery.

New Democrats, NDP - New Democratic Party. In Canada a mainstream left-wing political party.

NIMBY - "Not in MY backyard!"

OHA - Ontario Heritage Act

TPB - Toronto Preservation Board

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