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The outcry, while present, over the Old Mill proposal flared here and there but didn't spread far beyond the parochial Etobicoke universe--being more schmaltzy than sexy, the Old Mill as cause celebre didn't lend itself to major press coverage. And besides, for economic or whatever reasons the proposal remained dormant for a number of years. But finally--suddenly, and under an odd stealthy cloud of underreportage--construction started in the spring of 2000.
           And in the significant meantime, as a result of municipal amalgamation a new LACAC structure, under the umbrella of the newly formed Toronto Preservation Board, had taken effect. If the LACAC situation in Etobicoke had been bad before, at least there was a kind of gravitas--though had the status quo carried into the TPB era, it might have appeared as a McMichaelesque rogue conservative element. But amazingly, nobody from the former EHB/LACAC volunteered for the new LACAC Panel--they either went straight to the newly separate Montgomery's Inn board, or retired. It was as if they knew they weren't up to the task. But to make matters worse, if there was any serious effort to will other interested, capable community members into LACAC volunteership (and surely, the previous board or EHS or councillors or other individuals must have had the broadbased "connections"), it failed utterly--from all appearances, Etobicoke's "heritage community" was a vacuum, a nullity, a dead zone. Out of 300,000 residents--zilch.
           The result was pathetic, catastrophic, even scandalous: only three people initially applied for the Etobicoke Community LACAC Panel, with two more shoehorned in later to make a bare quorum. Not only were they completely green, all new to Etobicoke heritage organizations--or even to a basic, elementary comprehension of what a LACAC was supposed to do; our only qualification seems to have been that "we applied", regardless of our merits--but only one (myself) was even an Etobicoke resident! (One more subsequently moved to one of the Motel Strip condominiums.) We were rootless, aimless, devoid of adequate assistance, fringey dregs stumbling along as an accident of fate--like the Bob Rae NDP government, we could easily be labelled as "Clampetts". And by the end of 2000, consumed by our ill-vetted quirks, we were on the brink of tragic, but nearly inevitable self-immolation.
           In light of the impossible scorched-earth situation, it was incredible that we achieved, in our naive by-defaulty way, what we did--more, constructively, perhaps than many other Toronto LACACs, which in spite of having a more "rooted" and cream-of-the-croppy membership were left in virtual paralysis by the continuing Heritage Toronto/TPB turmoil. And if, as seems possible, even probable, the ill-set Etobicoke LACAC bone has to be rebroken in order to heal properly, it is hoped that those critical lessons and new foundations, courtesy of our unlikely, doomed motley crew, are built upon rather than blithely discarded.

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" How do I do a film called
'The Old Mill'
...when i don't have
an old mill?


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birth of a folly
just part of
the scenery




"heritage community"
was a vacuum,
a nullity, a dead zone
33 1/3 years later,
wasn't looking like
such a barren
lump anymore...


On one thing
everyone agrees:
the mill is
finally "
finished "'s like
Mitch Miller

dept. store:

think of
Carson Pirie Scott
with a little
Mazda zoom-zoom