A Short Guide To
Architectural Guidebooks
by Adam Sobolak


In 2000 Adam Sobolak wrote this primer to architectural guidebooks as a way of focusing enthusiasts on the project of a new Toronto guidebook. The idea was to author the book in time for the Society of Architectural Historians annual meeting which was to be held in Toronto in 2001. The project didn't happen but the primer itself is a good short history of guidebooks.

the eds


Pevsner and WPA

America: the first wave

AIA Guide to New York City

David Gebhard: America's Pevsner

Goldberger, Banham, and Moore (and more).

Buffalo: Vindication

Chicago: Maturity

The Buildings of the United States series

London + Vienna + Berlin = Cartesian Europe

One Vancouver, many Montréals

Toronto: Opportunity

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