1899: The CNE Grandstand hosts its biggest rock spectacle, "The Battle of Omdurman in Egypt and the Capture of Ildio in the Philippines."

1969: The first touring rock act to ever headline at the Grandstand also turns out to be the world's least popular band--The Monkees.

1971: Heavy metal reigns supreme at the CNE. Brownsville Station! ("Smokin' in the Boys Room") The Osmonds! ("Crazy Horses") The Dofasco Male Chorus!!! ("Our product is steel. Our strength is people.")

1974: Local psychedelic band Lighthouse perform at the Grandstand with an opening act, motorcycle-riding daredevil Evel Knievel.

1978: Celebrated vocalist William Shatner appears at the CNE along with conductor Boris Brott, hosting "The Sounds of Outer Space".

1980: Alice Cooper abruptly cancels his show. The Grandstand is packed with kids who express their hurt feelings by throwing chairs around.

1991: Alice finally shows up. He brings along support acts Judas Priest, Motörhead, Metal Church and Dangerous Toys because, at this stage in the game, he can no longer count on anyone else to be there.

1999: While music lives on at the CNE Bandshell, the Music Building and all over the celebrated fair, the Grandstand is demolished. But, apparently, they had Woodstock '99 beat to the punch 100 years ago.

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