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it's gouinlock's cne.     we just go to it.

Welcome to Dometown, where all the lights are on! The Western fourth or so of The Canadian National Exhibition c. 1973 looking south on George Gouinlock's campus of Edwardian exhibition halls and grounds as per his masterplan. The Music Building (1908) is seen in the lower left (ariel photo is clickable), the Horticulture Building (1907) centre, and the Federal Government Building (1912) lower right. The roof of Gouinlock's Press Building (1905) is seen between Music and Horticulture. A fifth Gouinlock, an arts and crafts firehall (1912) is just out of view to the left. Also pictured in the upper right is Gouinlock's Transportation Building (1908, burned in 1974) and an ornate triangular building, originally the Provicial Government Building (Chapman and Oxley, 1926). The 'Hollywood Bowl' band shell (Craig and Madill, 1936) is just visible top centre above the music stand or lyre-shaped seating grounds. Lost to progress were Gouinlock's Grandstand, Industrial Building, Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building, and Art Gallery (all pre 1909).
        The CNE is also a trove of exhibition-style prototypical Modernism fresh from the 1950s and 1960s. Visible here is the expansive roof and nubile white curves (top, left) of the Better Living Centre (Marani, Morris and Allan, 1962) and below it, the theatre of the Queen Elizabeth Building (Page and Steele featuring Peter Dickinson, 1956-57).

Dome count:
Edwardians - 6.0 (plus 2.0 destroyed)
jazz age - 0.5
space age - nil


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