The Provincial Government Building (1926), CNE, Toronto, Canada, -- Chapman and Oxley architects.

A florid riot of belvederes and courtyards more in the spirit of the 'beach exotica' bathing pavilion at Sunnyside amusement park to the west, than with the CNE. It's also served as the 'Carlsberg Pavilion' and a casino during the fair. In 2001 it was adapted by the Liberty Entertainment Group as a large club-for-hire. They also operate the Rosewater Supper Club and the Courthouse Restaurant in two sumptuous premises downtown: respectively Grant and Dick's Consumers' Gas Chambers at 17 Toronto (1876) and Cumberland and Ridout's York County Magistrates' Court at 57 Adelaide East (1851).

Gouinlock's CNE

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photo: omni (2001)