A landmark on the Toronto waterfront, the existance of the swanky mod-ish Redpath Refinery represents the main dividend reaped by Toronto from the opening of the harbour to international shipping via the St. Lawrence Seaway. By the 1960s industrial use of many harbours was waning and new industrial construction was unusual. The plant is a mountain of impressive structures joined by smooth concrete tubes that hold conveyor belts. A great asset on the waterfront.


player current status (2002)
95 Queen's Quay East, Toronto
Pronounced "Kween's Key" (2002).
Gordon S. Adamson, Toronto (1957)
Adamson firm built Petronas Towers with C. Pelli (1998).
Toronto harbour, accessible by oceangoing ships via the St. Lawrence Seaway (1957).
Welland Canal closed when Allanberg lift bridge tears roof off ship (Aug 2001).
shipping & receiving:
Navigable depth of 27 feet.
Lake freighter Strange Attractor  docked (2001 and ongoing).
public art:
On-site museum with unknown curatorial history.
Conservation-themed life-size whale mural on painted on peaked-roof sugar shed by "marine artist" Wyland (aug 1997). May be a preemptive public relations strike by Redpath, as condos sprout within smelling distance of plant.
handsome white glazed brick refinery and office. a significant structure.
Building put on municipal heritage property inventory (1984).
originally an ingredient in a medley of malting, distilling and soya smells.
With the demolition of C.D. Howe's Playfair Elevators, and the abandonment of Canada Malting's east and west facilities, Molson Brewing, Gooderham & Worts and others, Redpath is last remaining producer of objectionable smells on the waterfront (other than the water).
History of cylinders on site unknown.
Aerial photographs confirm presence of cylinders.
Built on landfill far from neighbours.
-across street to the north: LCBO (government liquor store chain) HQ, featured in Food and Drink magazine.
-to the east: Loblaws grocery store (Leslie Rebanks, 1999), featured in Wallpaper* magazine.
-to the west: Captain John's Seafood Restaurant, featured in bankruptcy court documents.
-to the south: Lake Ontario, featured in MapArt Eastern States.
spur runs along and over street into site.
Governments study possible passenger rail links on waterfront (2001 and ongoing). The 'low speed' commuter potential of this spur is not considered.
Sugar with extroversion.
Sugar with introspection.
University of Toronto School of Dentistry.
University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry.

Sugar: socializer.



The Home of Tooth Decay and Insulin

a couple of pics of the Redpath Refinery, Toronto, 2001

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